I am so grateful for the healing in my body that you facilitated. My mammogram in May was clear. While I was awaiting my breast sonogram, the radiologist told me that there was no need for a sonogram this time. Usually I have both, and this time I just had the usual fibrous tissue without any suspicious lumps. ~Kelly
Mel has provided a quality of presence for me over the years that I find invaluable. I find a level of acceptance and compassionate honesty that I have not found with anybody else. I am delighted to have crossed paths with Mel and my relationship with her has contributed enormously to my own self development. ~Joanne
You saved my job so far. In reality, you helped me see the dynamics of the situation I am in. The dynamics that made me look at myself and not at the toxcity that surrounded me.~Janet
Mel, thank you. I love how strong you are. I feel completely safe with you, and very secure knowing that you won't take on my pain as your own. I feel free to be completely myself with you – to explore those parts of myself that I'm least happy and comfortable with.~Matt
I so love your work and have been changed by it myself. It meets my need for hope in the world and for the deepening of NVC as we all hold it, in its capacity for healing and change.~Sarah
As I learn and practice NVC in my daily life and relationships I'm noticing a HUGE shift and connection with others and my self. NVC is definitely more present in my language and thoughts and my actions have been done with way more confidence and joy than ever before.
Today at my job I had my annual performance review ... and I was told I have "great communication skills". My manager even projected and proposed that in the future I do more direct client communications and even presentations. After hearing the feedback today, I attributed this success to NVC. I believe he opened up to me more than he normally would have because he felt heard, I was simply empathizing both silently and verbally; we were definitely connecting.~Cornelia
Thanks Mel, for demonstrating that process all day. Thank you, for showing me how wonderful it is to be part of our messy but loving human race.~Vicky
My mom and I have continued talking since the workshop. And I think we've both realized we've had perceptions of each other that have been blocking our communication. We've agreed that it would be mutually beneficial for more honesty between us. Thank you everyone for creating an environment that felt safe and accepting, it contributed to my growth~Vida