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humanizing healthHumanizing Health Care: Creating Cultures of Compassion with Nonviolent Communication

In this engaging book, Melanie Sears, RN, MBA leverages more than 30 years nursing experience to demonstrate the profound effectiveness of NVC to create lasting, positive improvements to patient care and the health care workplace.




Choose Your Words: Professional Version

Communicating effectively with a client or patient who has a mental illness can be a challenge. This guidebook is an introduction to an approach called Nonviolent Communication (NVC); a set of communication strategies that allow you to develop clear, compassionate connections with the people who look to you for help. NVC creates mutually satisfying exchanges and creates safety so that deep levels of healing can be realized. You will learn to notice when you are using language in ways that are likely to trigger defensive reactions and how to choose language which allows authenticity, understanding and trust to flourish.

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Melanie has been intereviewed several times for her expertise in NVC. To listen to the broacasts, click below.

November 14th, 2011